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Hi there, guys and dolls!  This week, I’m sharing more of my reviews I have written about the tales from my Cozy Cat Press authors.  Please enjoy and click on the titles or book images to obtain or learn more about these fine cats’ tales.
PhysicsPHYSICS CAN BE FATAL  — Author Elissa Grodin earns top marks from yours truly for her charming and intelligent academic super sleuth Dr. Edwina Goodwin. With due diligence and a keen mind Edwina is able to work through a set of theories that may prove relative to solving the murder of famed academic Professor Alan Sidebottom. Professor Sidebottom appears to have been both loved and loathed by many people including a number of Edwina’s colleagues at Cushing College. In the course of her own investigation into the murder and other mysterious events she meets the handsome police detective Will Tenney who is assigned to officially investigate the case. I hope that the spark of chemistry between the two characters will be leading to a deeper connection in future stories. With a charming cast of suspicious characters, plenty of twists and turns, an ideal setting, and intelligent conversations moving this delightful story along one will easily be drawn into Edwina’s world. This is truly a cozy for the mystery lover! I wait with teacup in hand for another enchanting and suspenseful tale to be penned by the talented Elissa GroKillerImagedin.

KILLER IMAGEJust when you thought the only sights to see in Seattle were the Space Needle, Pike Place Market and the rain along comes D.J. Kelly and her friends. They are snooping around and apparently not minding their own business.  Well as far as this gal is concerned the dead body on the floor of their Waterfront Gallery is “their” business. On the other hand Detective Owen Keohen of the Seattle Police Department is not happy about the mature ladies who have taken it upon themselves to do their own sleuthing. Of course this leads to them getting mixed up in all of the murder and mayhem.  These feisty girls will have you in knots of laughter with their witty repartee and D.J.’s “little voice”. One wonders how the police department ever managed before they came on the scene. Other colorful characters include Jerry the maintenance man with his humorous and clever play on words.  Bravo to Drema J. Reed for this downright enjoyable story!

KillerImageKILLER GENESBe sure to read Killer Genes the second novel in author Drema J. Reed’s Art Gallery Mystery Series.  D.J. Kelly, her “little voice”, and her best friends are once again drawn into mayhem, melodrama and murder when she is contacted by an old friend from her nursing days. Darlene contacts D.J. asking for her help in solving the mysterious disappearance of a patient from the emergency room of Harborview Medical Center in the heart of Seattle.   After their last entanglement with D.J. and her investigations the ladies reluctantly agree to come on board once again to help solve the mystery. Of course Seattle’s Finest (and no I don’t mean their coffee), in particular Detective Owen Keohen are not so pleased about our lady sleuths snooping and getting into another round of trouble.  This engaging, clever tale with plenty of plot twists and a colorful cast of characters makes for fun reading. Jerry the Handyman with his haphazard play on words is back again and getting on “their” nerves, D.J. finds herself in temporary new digs and Seattle is still experiencing it’s usual weather patterns. So pour yourself a nice strong cup of coffee, grab a cookie or two and read with pleasure.

KILLER ROCKS — D.J. Kelly, Nita Marie Bates, Bobbi Sichel and Jo MurphyKillerRocks are girls after my own heart.  It’s Summer in Seattle and time for the savvy Waterfront Gallery owners turned super sleuths to take a nice relaxing and peaceful vacation. If only it were possible!  Not long after the ladies arrive on the Oregon Coast things take a turn most mysterious. Detective Smithousen of the Cannon Beach Police Department arrives on the scene following a 911 call placed by Nita Marie. There is a distressing discovery of a skeletal form and a box of  rocks.  What will this and the events that follow lead to? Are the ladies going to get a break? What will happen when Detective Owen Keohan in Seattle finds out that D.J. and her friends are involved in another criminal investigation? There are plenty of twists, turns, mishaps and mayhem before the final page. Darling readers you will need to pick up the third book in Drema J Reed’s Art Gallery Mystery series and find out for yourself what all the buzz is about. It’s a doozy of a cozy!

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00074]MR. TEA AND THE TRAVELING TEACUPOne macaw, two sisters, murder, mysterious circumstances, and plenty of margaritas are all part of this delightful story by Leslie Matthews Stansfield.  Introducing Mr.Tea a talkative and colorful macaw who knows more than his outbursts first reveal. Now if only the Sutter sisters Terry and Karen, friends, family and the local law enforcement could decipher what all the chatter and clatter in Madeline’s Tea House is all about before more tea cups are shattered and more danger lands on their doorstep!  Terry’s encounter with her old high school crush Greg Mullins who is the police detective sent to investigate the mysterious events adds fun and romance. A nice, handsome catch for a girl running a new business venture in their childhood home, after the death of their mother who the tea house is named after. Then getting her older sister Karen to come home following her own entanglements and heartbreak. Sisters who sleuth together stay together!  This little town in Maine will never be the same after the secrets of the past are uncovered and ghosts are hopefully laid to rest. Darlings be sure to steep yourself a nice pot of tea, scoff a bicuit or two for dipping, snuggle down by the fire with a blanket and read this wonderful first story in the Madeline’s Teahouse Mystery series. The second book is on it’s way and Yours Truly, can’t wait!

Well friends, that should keep you all busy for a little while.  Until next time….


Barbara Jean

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Barbara Jean Coast is the pen name of authors Andrea Taylor and Heather Shkuratoff. She is currently hard at work telling the cozy tales of the fictional town of Santa Lucia, loosely based on Santa Barbara in the late 50's, early 60's, known as The Poppy Cove Mysteries.
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