Summertime, and the Reading is Easy…

Hi there, guys and dolls!  Happy mid-summer.  Hope you are all enjoying your crazy, hazy days.  I’ve got another crop of books from Cozy Cat Press that I’m happy to recommend to you to while away the hammock days.

Now here’s my scoop!  I was privy to an advance of my dear friend Leslie Matthews Stansfield’s second novel, so you’re seeing the review here first, folks!  The second in her Madeline’s Teahouse Mystery Series has literally just come out this week.  I love being in the ‘in’ crowd ;-).

81xMBPmnZKL._SL1500_MR TEA & THE BOBBIN’ BODY — Good news!  The Sutter Sisters or the Margarita Sisters as I like to call them are back with that chatty and suave parrot of theirs Mr. Tea in the second novel of the Madeline’s Teahouse Mystery series by Leslie Mathews Stansfield.  Readers will find plenty of skeletons in the closet after a former classmate of Karen’s is found bobbing in the pool at their high school reunion. The author dishes up plenty of danger and gossip as what was hidden in shadows of the past comes to light after many years. Yours truly was on the edge of her seat more than once with fear and a number of times with laughter too! Mr. Tea who, as many of you will remember from Mr. Tea and the Travelling Teacup has a reputation for having a big mouth and once again spouting his charming wisdom and some funny little catch phrases that may prove rather embarrassing to “Hottie” detective Greg Mullins who is also Terry’s boyfriend.  With the Sutter sisters organizing the reunion with their friend Shannon Dindle and Mr. Tea along for the ride there is certain to be murder, mayhem and of course plenty of margaritas in the mix. Of course a delightful cast of characters that include the Sutter sister’s Aunt Rose and Uncle Henry, along with Dottie Dindle are back. So take my advice and make yours a double, but don’t keep the pitcher all to yourself!  Cheers to Ms. Stansfield for another fun and suspenseful read.

9110R-8HvlL._SL1500_DEADLY AUDIT — Welcome to Columbus, Ohio!  Home of the Buckeyes and our main character Winston Barchrist III a big teddy bear of a man. Winston who is a lawyer has returned to his hometown after what he refers to as his “Great Catastrophe” in Chicago. He has reinvented himself and his career which means an office located above a Dairy Mart and cases for small-time clients.  In Deadly Audit he is hired to look into both legal and financial matters by a wealthy female client who then disappears. Yours Truly never knew that accounting could be so exciting and dangerous. Winston finds himself in a heap of trouble as he tries to get to the bottom of a number of clues and gets tangled up in more than one investigation,with the police not far behind.  David M.Selcer introduces readers to a canvas of memorable characters. Tramp-Stamp Trudy (as I like to call her) the computer hacker with a heart of gold whose day starts at four in the afternoon. Rabbi Billy Goldman, Winston’s rabbi even though he isn’t Jewish. Rosanne Harmon, a friend and confidant who he is beginning to feel more than a friendship for and her eleven year-old daughter Gayna who affectionately refers to Winston as “Pizza Man”. There is also Miranda a very attractive office cleaner turned assistant and Ron Hermius client,friend and sometimes body guard. There are many more colorful people to discover in Winston’s world.  I love all the the quirky and suspenseful,twists and turns that make this a mystery worth getting to the bottom of!

71skGsJ2lYLDEAD BUT STILL TICKING — What fun we have boys and girls when we take another trip to Columbus, Ohio home of the Buckeyes and my favorite teddy bear of a lawyer Winston Barchrist III!  In Dead But Still Ticking dirty little secrets are turning up everywhere Winston is digging. It all starts when his assistant the lovely Miranda opens the morning post to find a money order for five million dollars(I know what I would do!)from fellow lawyer Robert Steinglass who wants to meet with Winston. Robert fails to show up at the appointed time, it turns out he’s dead. Winston’s investigative skills take over to find out who killed Robert and what the motive is behind the money order.  The suspects in this case are a colorful and crazy bunch that include a Ukrainian widow, Middle Eastern terrorists and a marijuana farmer who insists that Winnie (as he calls him) represents him in both his real estate and business interests.  As our lawyer turned super sleuth follows the trail of baffling clues from one part of Ohio to another he falls victim to chemical poisoning. His extra padding may save his life! Rosanne Harmon who is growing closer to Winston finds herself part of the thickening plot’s twists and turns. All of my favorites are back including Tramp Stamp Trudy (who has a real soft spot for Winston), Rabbi Billy Goldman, and Ron Hermius who is required to be on his guard.  As the clock is ticking on this mystery how many people will fall victim before Winston gets to the bottom of it all? My advice; pour yourself a glass of your favorite beverage (make mine a martini!), put up your feet and be ready for a cozy that is both entertaining and intriguing. Go Buckeyes, Go! 😉

coverMUSCLES, MUSIC AND MURDERLet me tell you Guys and Gals, both the title and the cover of this mystery caught the roving eye of Yours Truly;-)! Muscles Music and Murder the third installment of David M. Selcer’s Buckeye Barrister Mysteries is filled with culture, charisma, and more than one rivalry.  Winston Barchrist III lawyer, who recently became a super sleuth is at the first concert of the Columbus Ohio Symphony Orchestra season with his girl Rosanne Harmon when the conductor is shot and crashes to the floor. Then we travel back in time with the main cast of characters to travel the road that lead to this fateful night at the Ohio Theater home of the orchestra.  A number of mysteries are in need of being solved and it all goes back to a point when Ron Hermius is charged with the murder of a bronzed, Belgian bodybuilder. Then there is the disappearance of the newly appointed conductor of the Symphony Orchestra which means a trip to Chicago, a city Winston would rather not return to any time soon. Not long after sorting that mess out Winston is on his way to Brussels with Rosanne to see if they can find evidence that will prove Ron’s innocence and find a killer who may strike again.  There is plenty at stake for everyone involved and the usual cast of characters are back and helping our super sleuth to get to the bottom of it all. After all who is Winston without his back-up? So be sure to check out Muscles Music and Murder to enjoy all the mayhem! Here’s a funny that had Barbara Jean laughing: there’s a car service that is run by Picup Andropov. Now, if you are a Car Talk listener you will surely get the name. Bravo to David Selcer, you have put Columbus, Ohio on the map! 51tMkojuOtL

GUMSHOE GRANNY INVESTIGATES — Let me introduce you to a delightful and insightful gal who is solving the little mysteries of life at the Honey Hills Retirement Center. Bess Bullock eighty years young can’t stop her investigative instincts from kicking-in.Just when she thinks of relaxing and enjoying the simple activities offered to the residents her curiosity gets the upper hand and she’s hot on the trail! Each of the vignettes in Allen B. Boyer’s Gumshoe Granny Investigates are filled with warmth, humor, and adventure. Kicking up your heals at any age is something Yours Truly gives the full seal of approval to and plans on doing in the years to come!Bess Bullock could teach us all a thing or two about life, love(why yes there is a dash of romance blooming here)and what it really means to grow older. Aging doesn’t seem so bad after all. Bravo to the author for writing a light cozy that is appropriate for all ages. These stories are sure to make you smile.


Barbara Jean

About Barbara Jean Coast

Barbara Jean Coast is the pen name of authors Andrea Taylor and Heather Shkuratoff. She is currently hard at work telling the cozy tales of the fictional town of Santa Lucia, loosely based on Santa Barbara in the late 50's, early 60's, known as The Poppy Cove Mysteries.
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