Some More Purr-fectly Wonderful Cozy Cat Tales…

Hi there guys and dolls, one more review wrap-up for you.  And however you celebrate this time of year — Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, the Winter Solstice, may the season bring you peace, joy, health and prosperity.  Sending you all warm wishes and love.

51s5mJb4q7LTHE CROOKED KNIFE by Emma Pivato — Claire Burke and her best friend Tia are once again trying to prove that the police have charged the wrong man with the crime. In this case, Bill is a 33-year-old autistic man who has been moved to a new home in a new city. His aunt Marion who is in declining health felt that it would be the right thing to do. Bill, who is upset at being moved to a new institution and missing old friends from his former home in Calgary, finds himself in plenty of trouble when a young nurse is found murdered. The most outstanding evidence against Bill is being found clutching the murder weapon in his bed while he is still asleep!  Claire and Tia set out to solve the murder, take care of their homes and loved ones, as well as put Bill’s world back in order. Along the way they take a side trip to Barbados, both Claire and Tia make some life altering decisions and the real killer proves to be very dangerous and cunning! Before the final page is turned there are plenty of suspenseful twists and turns. Yours truly was on the edge of her seat until the real killer was revealed!

SEA CHANGE514-gEjYgOL by T’Gracie and Joe Reese — Recently I finished reading a wonderful book set in the fictional town of Bay St Lucy. I was introduced to a whimsical and wonderful retired English teacher named Nina Bannister.  Nina is the heroine of this enthralling and enchanting tale, who takes it upon herself to set things right when the idyllic seaside town is turned upside down and inside out by an unknown woman steps in claiming her inheritance. Eve Ivory has decided to sell the town and its residence to the highest bidder. That is until she is found murdered and a young, much loved schoolteacher is arrested for the murder.  Can Nina put all the pieces of the puzzle together before it’s too late for Macy or someone else falls victim? Be sure to read this first intelligent and witty instalment in the Nina Bannister Mystery series. Bravo to T’Gracie and Joe Reese for this charming, modern day suspense filled fairytale. Yours truly is sure that you’ll fall in love with Nina Bannister and her way of looking at the world!

SET CHANGE51Of9hKYMtL by T’Gracie and Joe Reese — Recently I made another visit to the fictional town of Bay St Lucy and found that one of my favorite amateur sleuths has another troubling case on her hands. Alas, poor Nina Bannister is not doing so well when she is witness to a deed most foul.  The unfolding of this tragedy begins with news that a much loved former resident and student of Nina’s is arriving in Bay St Lucy with her husband who is a famous actor to stage and film a production of Hamlet at the community’s new arts center. The morning after the triumphant performance the leading man(famous actor and husband)is found dead!  Who brought him to his death? Will Nina be able to solve this murder before there are too many twists of the plot? Will the wrong person go to prison? Will true love prevail? Bravo,bravo to the authors for the second act in their Nina Bannister mystery series. Yours truly can’t wait to read more!

GAME CHANGE 91FblOR7LJL._SL1500_by T’Gracie and Joe Reese — Another fabulous story set in the small, idyllic town of Bay St Lucy finds the super sleuth Nina Bannister back at school and in charge. When she is asked to take over as the principal of the high school, Nina is at first reluctant to come out of retirement and return to her old stomping grounds.  As the story progresses Nina not only finds herself as principal, she is forced to take the position of coaching the girl’s basketball team when a teacher is fired, there is a disappearance, a possible murder, and plenty of mystery. Just when the people of Bay St Lucy think that they understand the rules, the game changes! Will it be a slam-dunk for Nina or will her opponent cry foul?  Yours truly may not live in the era of “High-Fives”, but the Reeses get one from me or may be it should be a “High-Ball”! 😉 Looking forward to the next story about one of my favorite amateur sleuths.

91Pex7tJ8HL._SL1500_OIL CHANGE — We return to Bay St Lucy one of my favorite little cozy towns where Nina Bannister one of my favorite gals and one heck of an amateur sleuth lives! This little lady always seems to get tangled up with a dead body, a mess of trouble and a mystery to solve. The town depends on her and things are looking very shady when a fine young man is found dead and a big oil company may be to blame.  Nina is retired from the education system once again, but not out of business as a detective it would seem, even if she has yet to set out her shingle. The idyllic little town finds itself in a whole heap of trouble when there is a suggestion that their little sleuth may not have her facts straight when it comes to what is really going on! Will Nina figure out what really happened? Will things literally blow up in her face and what about solving that murder? You’ll be on the edge of your seat wondering if Nina Bannister has lost her marbles or if she is in fact the next Miss Marple?  Bravo once again to T’Gracie and Joe Reese for another wonderful mystery in this series that just keeps getting better and better!


Barbara Jean

About Barbara Jean Coast

Barbara Jean Coast is the pen name of authors Andrea Taylor and Heather Shkuratoff. She is currently hard at work telling the cozy tales of the fictional town of Santa Lucia, loosely based on Santa Barbara in the late 50's, early 60's, known as The Poppy Cove Mysteries.
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  1. Thank you for the new book reviews. I look forward to reading these ‘new-to-me’ authors! Have a Happy Christmas!


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