Fall into a Good Book

Hi there, guys and dolls! Look no further for a good book. I’ve got five that I recommend to you for whiling away the longer evenings. 25860008

GRANNY FORKS A FUGITIVE by Julie Seedorf – Granny has a new weapon – a pink pitchfork! And just in time! A trip to her old farm ends in Granny forking a dead body in her silo. When the body turns out to be Granny’s long lost love Robert Blackford, Granny is flabbergasted. When her devious twin sister, Amelia, the very person who stole Robert from Granny many years ago, shows up searching for her long lost son, Granny reluctantly agrees to help her find him. Of course, Granny’s fiancé, Franklin Gatsby, is concerned for Granny’s welfare and doesn’t like it when she goes out sleuthing – one of Granny’s favorite activities. So, Franklin starts to follow Granny everywhere she goes to protect her. But Granny is determined to find out who killed her former boyfriend, so along with her gal pals and her menagerie of pets, she sets a trap and soon – GRANNY FORKS A FUGITIVE.

Listener_frontLISTENER IN THE DARK by Bret Jones – Tucker Niles lives his life vicariously through the old-time radio shows he broadcasts each Sunday night. He is more than just a DJ, however, as his life revolves around OTR shows, conventions, and his friend, Bobby, who is on a “quest” to find lost shows that have become the Holy Grail to collectors. When Bobby is found dead, Tucker decides to find his killer.
Through the maze, and sometimes greed, of the collecting world, Tucker discovers that Bobby was close to finding the lost I Love a Mystery programs that have become the dream-find of every OTR collector. Betrayal, l
Dinner_and_Death_1600x2400_(Ebook)ies, and selfish collectors lead Tucker through a world that people seldom see to discover a “master” collector who will stop at nothing to own “the ark” of the old-time radio world.

DINNER AND DEATH by Helen Grochmal – Who would try to poison a helpless cat in a retirement home? Is it a prank? An accident? Or something more sinister? Buckingham Courte’s own Carolina Pennsbury is just the amateur sleuth to find out. She narrows the field of poisoner candidates down to three new residents who have filled an empty seat at the table where Carolina and her friends dine regularly, saving several human lives.

19345343THE SINISTER SITCOM CAPER by Sally Carpenter – Sandy Fairfax, former teen idol and star of the ‘70s hit TV show “Buddy Brave, Boy Sleuth,” is now a middle-aged recovering alcoholic who realizes that making a comeback can be murder. He’s the guest star on “Off-Kelter,” a corny family situation comedy, and the lowest rated TV show of the 1993 fall season. Before rehearsals barely begin one of the actors drops dead at Sandy’s feet. He investigates, enlisting the aid of two of his new cast mates: a dwarf and an animal actor. During his snooping, we meet Sandy’s ex, his parents and his teenage son, all with their own “situations” going on. During rehearsals Sandy also encounters a beautiful choreographer—could this be love? Will Sandy solve the murder before the Friday night taping of “Off-Kelter” or will the elusive killer cancel our hero before the final credits? This book was inspired by the author’s experience working as a tour guide/page at Paramount Pictures in Hollywood.81MP3YrYXqL._SL1500_

THE CUNNING CRUISE SHIP CAPER by Sally Carpenter – 38-year-old Sandy Fairfax is a former ’70s teen idol and star of the TV show “Buddy Brave, Boy Sleuth.” Now he’s rebuilding his career with a series of concerts aboard the SS Zodiac bound for the Bahamas. He makes amends with his estranged sister, Celeste, who is blind and also a musician, so she will join his performances. But their cruise hits turbulent waters when Sandy finds a dead body in his onboard dressing room. He investigates the colorful cast of suspects while avoiding an old flame and trying to ignite something with his beautiful choreographer. When Sandy gets too nosy, the bad guys throw him overboard. Will he sleep with the fishes or escape and unmask the killer at the ship’s Halloween costume gala?


Barbara Jean


About Barbara Jean Coast

Barbara Jean Coast is the pen name of authors Andrea Taylor and Heather Shkuratoff. She is currently hard at work telling the cozy tales of the fictional town of Santa Lucia, loosely based on Santa Barbara in the late 50's, early 60's, known as The Poppy Cove Mysteries.
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