A Terrific Twelvetide to You!

17Hi there, guys and dolls! Well, it has been a while, hasn’t it? My girls, Andrea and Heather, have finally let me come out and play again. They left me swivelling on a rather precarious (yet entertaining) barstool while they got their personal stuff in order. They’re happy to be back and I am so pleased. More on that in a future post. There is just so much to catch up on, isn’t there?

In the meantime, they wanted to do something fun for my return (thoughtful of them for my fellow Santa Lucians as well :-)). I’ll take credit for the “Twelve Days of Christmas – Poppy Cove Style,” I’m just that kind of gal.

They however, wanted to do a little research about the Twelvetide, as they found out it was called. Turns out it starts on Christmas day and falls for the next days following. There’s something new – I always thought it was the days leading up, but it became apparent that’s a misconception perpetuated by our oh so commercialized, advertised modern life to gear up people to buy, buy, buy to the big day. I sleuthed out  that’s the “Twelve Days Before Christmas,” not “Of.” Clever move or not, depending on your point of view.

fe71b2545e4bd5cb1916f35933eec620 Anyhoo, stay tuned during the holidays where I will be sharing my “Twelve Days of Christmas” Santa Lucia style from December 25 – January 5. And just for kicks, I’m going to offer my Poppy Cove Mysteries (STRANGLED BY SILK, DEATH OF A BEAUTY QUEEN and A NATE TO REMEMBER) for special pricing through the event. A great time to catch up on what you haven’t read or treat a friend to a little fun read of murder and mayhem for the holidays. Follow along on Facebook and Twitter to see the deals and join in on the song.

It’s nice to be back. I’d love to hear from you, old and new friends alike. Tell me how you’ve been and all your happenings. I’ll be sure to have more to come and I wish you all a happy holiday season.


Barbara Jean

About Barbara Jean Coast

Barbara Jean Coast is the pen name of authors Andrea Taylor and Heather Shkuratoff. She is currently hard at work telling the cozy tales of the fictional town of Santa Lucia, loosely based on Santa Barbara in the late 50's, early 60's, known as The Poppy Cove Mysteries.
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4 Responses to A Terrific Twelvetide to You!

  1. Doward says:

    It is so wonderful having all of you back! Wishing all of you the most wonderful of Holidays & Good Health! Merry Christmas to all of you & your families.

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  2. sallycootie says:

    Merry Christmas! Wonderful to have you back! We are having the most wonderful holiday with granddaughters and great-grandchildren.

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    • Barbara Jean Coast says:

      And the same to you, Sallycootie. So happy to read of your lovely holiday time. My girls had a lovely peaceful time while I whooped it up with the elves ;-)! Toodles


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