Ready to Curl Up with a Great Book?

Hi there, guys and dolls!  Well, it seems to be that almost everywhere there is a notable change in the air.  The nesting season has begun!  So find a honey, a nice libation and of course a delightful read to lose a few hours into a cozy world.Clues

CLUES OVER CROISSANTS — That observant and delightful little lady is back again solving more of the mysteries of life at the Honey Hills Retirement Center. Bess Bullock is gaining a reputation for her attention to details and her curious nature. The little sweetheart has requests coming her way from residents and staff to solve their problems! There’s a new chef in the kitchen preparing the best tasting treats the residents have ever eaten including at the morning breakfast table that’s changing the mood. Bess has much to find as she observes the people in her world. There’s another gal with her eye on Chet at the Waltzing Club and Bess is not sure how she feels about that! So make yourself a nice pot of tea and put those tootsies up to enter the cozy, curious world of Bess Bullock as she gets caught up in the little mysteries that life is serving up at The Honey Hills Retirement Home. You are never too young or too old to take an interest. Bravo to Allen B. Boyer for this gentle read that is appropriate for all ages!

Married to MysteriesMARRIED TO MYSTERIES — My favorite little lady from Honey Hills Retirement Center is back and getting ready to walk down the aisle with her sweetheart and dance partner Chet Wooden, does that mean her sleuthing days are over? Bess Bullock and Chet have moved to their own home on the Honey Hills property and they are planning to marry before the summer is over. Bess is trying to be a good fiancee by putting her curiosity aside at least for the time being, but the mysteries of life keep popping up everywhere Bess is looking! What will Chet say and how will Bess reconcile her nature and her desire to settle down with the man she now loves? Well darlings you will just have to read the third installment in Allen B. Boyer’s Bess Bullock Retirement Home series to find out. Be sure to have a glass of bubbly ready for any occasion that might pop-up!Whispers in winter

WHISPERS IN WINTERThat sweet little gal Bess Bullock is back with her spirit and spunk helping her to overcome winter-time blues. With the little mysteries of life continuing to crop up Bess is kept busy! Not only does Bess find out that there is a possible murder that may have taken place in her and her husband Chet’s house, there is a resident who needs her help in finding a possible stalker, and a volunteer stint at the retirement home store has Bess wondering what’s the deal with the ladies who are sitting in the corner and drinking the store’s free coffee?  So many mysteries and Bess once thought winter was a dull and drab time, that is until she allows her curiosity and instincts from her days of being a police officer to kick in! Bess Wooden is one lucky lady whose husband understands her needs and guides her with a loving hand. Christmas will soon arrive and hopefully Bess will wrap-up all the unsolved mysteries and the presents too! A toast to Allen B. Boyer for this neat little package tied up with the most wonderful strings. This little lady eagerly awaits the next book in the Bess Bullock Retirement Home series!

A short note about the author of the next two books, Lyla Fox.  She was a great lady with a warm heart as big as the sun.  She was a much beloved teacher, just embarking on a new career as a published author.  She passed away earlier this year, much too soon.  She had a promising future, with two cozy series started.  Both novels still make great reads as standalone works.

SnoopSNOOPThere’s nothing I love more than snooping around in other people’s business! Getting the scoop on all the dishy gossip in town is my favorite past-time so it was certainly a pleasure to read this delicious and suspenseful cozy by Lyla Fox.  When one of the citizens of Cotter’s Corner is found murdered Samuels Harper Hayes takes it upon herself to find out what really happened.  Gossip, murder and mayhem in a small town setting make you feel as if you have gone to the cinema where you get caught up in the story. I was drawn in by a cast of interesting characters and suspenseful plot twists that kept me turning the pages!  Will Samuels figure out who is behind the sinister events that are going on around town before more innocent people get hurt?  You’ll just have to read “SNOOP” and find out for yourself!  Of course as you may know we lost our dear friend author Lyla Fox just over a month ago and she is sorely missed as more of her stories will be.  Be sure to read this wonderful book which deserves your attention.  BravCinnamon streeto to Lyla Fox!

MURDER ON CINNAMON STREET Are sure you should trust everyone you know?  All yours truly can say is that after you read Lyla Fox’s MURDER ON CINNAMON STREET you might be left wondering if all the people you know are trustworthy or not. I see you eying that neighbor of yours!  Elizabeth Mary Catherine Clary or E as she is affectionately known by her friends is ridden with anxiety and finds herself caught up in a very spooky situation when it appears that someone from her little corner of the world is out to dispose of everyone who is in her circle of friends and acquaintances. Is there a maniac on the loose or a killer with a true cause?  E suffers severe panic attacks and this will leave you wondering if she will be able to face her worst fears and stand up to the murderer or go weak in the knees finding herself in grave danger.  Romance, humor and an intriguing story that kept me on the edge of my seat until the last page was turned.  Lyla may not be here in the physical sense on earth with us anymore, but I am sure she is somewhere out there continuing to spin her tales for anyone who will listen. A toast of the bubbly to dear Lyla and her wonderful stories! 


Barbara Jean

About Barbara Jean Coast

Barbara Jean Coast is the pen name of authors Andrea Taylor and Heather Shkuratoff. She is currently hard at work telling the cozy tales of the fictional town of Santa Lucia, loosely based on Santa Barbara in the late 50's, early 60's, known as The Poppy Cove Mysteries.
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  1. Andrea (aka Rokinrev) says:

    Have all of these on the wish list BJ, however looks like Cinnamon Street might win first place as it is my favorite spice ( lol)


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